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The great Seth Godin defines ‘branding’ as “the set of expectations, memories, relationships and stories that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Whether you’re knowingly influencing it or not, you’re defining your brand, so you need a branding agency that puts you in control of the conversation.

In-Store Brand Development for The Lounge Co.


One of the keys to getting under the bonnet of a brand is to engage with the people who live it and work with it every day – you and your colleagues. From stakeholder surveys to collaborative workshops, as a branding agency we can help you reveal your brand’s unique DNA. If your people aren’t on board, your customers surely won’t be. We make brands matter more – together.

Bigkid branding agency - Brand Elements - St Bernards gate


When you engage us to develop your brand, we never forget you are entrusting us with your promise to your customers and that it’s what sets you apart from the rest. Rest assured that as an experienced branding agency, we will hold those values close to our hearts throughout the entire brand development process. It will inform anything and everything we create for you.

View the St Bernard's Gate Branding Case Study
Brand Design for St Bernard's Gate
Great North Run Bupa Event Branding

A Branding agency that understands brand identity

We’ve worked on identities for brands both big and small, across a wide range of sectors and industries. Whilst identity is only one element of an overall brand story, it is the most immediately recognisable, and the marker that audiences most readily pin their emotions to. We’ll ensure that it matches their aspirations, as well as your own.

Branding the Great North Run for BUPA
Brand Guidelines Development for Taylor Wimpey


We want your customers and colleagues to recognise your brand’s tone of voice, vision and values the moment they see or hear them. We’ve a pedigree in producing consistent and coherent guidelines that enable multi-site, multi-channel marketing teams to effectively communicate core brand principles across every channel and with every service provider.

See how we helped Taylor Wimpey
Integrated Branding Elements for Taylor Wimpeys Autumn Campaign 17


Timing is everything. So a well-prepared schedule, with key milestones and clear deliverables is essential. We’ll develop a plan with you, progressing the project in a timely fashion, but also one that’s achievable for you. We can prepare and deploy your launch internally and externally, online and offline, and create the social buzz that any such occasion deserves.

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