Video killed the radio star

Video Production

When it comes to potential reach, video is peerless. Youtube for example receives more than one billion unique visitors a month, more than any other channel apart from Facebook.

Why Video Production with Bigkid?

With a lot of marketeers still new to video production, it’s often hard to know where to start. Our production team will take you through the whole process step by step and iron out not only the sort of video you need, but how to get the perfect finished piece, how to get it as visible as it can be and what to measure once it’s complete.

Explainer Videos

As much as 85% of video on Facebook is played without sound. With Facebook as one of the leading advertising mediums, it’s no wonder that “explainer” videos have become so popular. They’re also a very cost effective way of producing engaging content about your business without the need for the likes of expensive crews and post production teams that you might expect from a high production value, live action video.

Live-Action Video

At the heart of video production, comes live action video; real people, real voices and effective messaging. Live action is a powerful sales/marketing/educational tool which has the realism and relatability to really touch viewers when done right.

Personalised Video Campaigns

Take your video marketing campaign to the next level, by tailoring your content for each customer, and turn a good campaign into a great one.

Princess cruises showed existing customers what they previously did with the company and what they may therefore like this time, which resulted in a 500% uplift in sales conversions* and a 483% uplift in click-through rates*.

*compared to standard email campaigns they run

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