Catalyst for a new brand

Brand vision

One of the UK’s leading social and private housing developers, Catalyst Housing works with local authorities and other partners to give people a leg up onto the property ladder and to regenerate communities. It was Catalyst themselves feeling they needed a touch of regeneration that led them to contact Bigkid, asking us to create a brand identity that had one foot in the past but looked towards the future.

Branding Brief

The housing development was to be built on the site of the old St. Bernard’s Asylum in Hanwell, in the London Borough of Ealing. An asylum is a place with a sensitive history, for obvious reasons, yet a history that must be embraced, not swept under the carpet of time. As Catalyst’s go-to branding agency, we had a job on our hands—a job which we relished.

Diverse Demographic

With a mix of affordable and high-end properties planned across the development, the brand had to appeal to both Ealing born and bred first-time buyers and to wealthy foreign investors. Today’s Hanwell has a flourishing population of young professionals and a broad cross-section of ethnic minorities so we put a great deal of thought into a design which would captivate all comers across an exceptionally diverse demographic.

Past to Present

The old Victorian gatehouse on Uxbridge Road provided our inspiration and St Bernard’s Gate was born. Retained as a key focus for the site’s visual dynamic and personality, the gatehouse provided scope to weave together the site’s rich heritage, developing local amenities and emerging transport links into a delightful new brand.

Local to Global

Stunning creative and beautifully crafted artwork powered a complete set of high-end sales and marketing material. Extending to goodie bags for international sales events, CGI and CAD drawings brought the development to life. The website provided an engaging platform to generate interest both from Londoners and people from across the globe.

From street festivals and secret garden squares to unique pop-up events and craft markets, there is something exciting to discover around every corner. And with the prospect of Crossrail just around the corner, this little known corner of West London is fast developing into an affordable gateway to big city living.

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