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Brand Guidelines

The objective: Refresh the brand. Develop a complete suite of marketing tools and guidelines, then support the business in rolling out the message to design partners and 23 UK regional offices.

Our approach

As one of the UK’s largest homes developers, Taylor Wimpey required a root and branch review of their brand collateral and a true future-proof joined up approach that could be immediately folded into their current way of working with minimum disruption.


What we did

We stripped away anything seen as dated or not representative of the brand’s new vision.

We became a breath of fresh air to the marketing teams and were able to look objectively at the whole suite of material.

The results

It was clear that an easily accessible format for the material was needed, something that could be delivered in print and digital format to those making marketing decisions.

A ring bound set of guidelines was the way ahead, supported by a comprehensive microsite, and we set about cementing every brand element from the logo, stationery and colour palette through to the formats for sales information, digital advertising and even the set-up for sales showrooms.

A Cohesive Set of Brand Guidelines

A complete set of brand guidelines meant that the stress levels of the marketing team could return to normal. No individual offices would ‘get creative’ – freestyling with marketing material was no longer an option. The brand has a completely joined-up and buttoned-down cohesive messages across every site, every office and in the hands of every potential homebuyer.

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