Point of sale marketing

Point Of Sale


A second – that’s about as long as you’ve got to capture the attention of a customer – it’s a long time in modern marketing, so a great Point of sale marketing strategy can help your bottom line, in both raising brand awareness and driving more sales.

‘JUST LOOKING’ Point of sale marketing

The ultimate ambition of any retail brand is to better understand their audience, their behaviours and buying habits. Being behind the curve in this aspect of data capture has posed a challenge for many brands, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise your Pint of sale marketing strategy.

Bigkid helps businesses develop POS marketing strategies that ‘learn on the job’, testing a host of different ideas – from tactical sales stings to immersive brand experiences – then responding to the spikes in interest they generate, in products, in services or the brand itself.


This kind of simple, progressive project management has enabled brands like Flight Centre, TravelBag, Primark and Travelex to better understand their audiences – and subsequently, drastically improve their point of sale marketing.

It has inspired some of them to continue that journey through to a wider digital transformation, engaging bloggers, vloggers and content creators across the globe to tell the story of their brands from a customer’s point of view.

That’s point of sale at its most inspiring.


Whether you’ve a big ball of big data that you’ve yet to unravel, or you view digital POS marketing as the next step in a wider transformation, every project has to start somewhere.

Point of sale marketing budgets don’t have to change, but they can be repurposed into something more personal and proactive. Come and have a chat with Bigkid. We’ll get your POS working in a positive way, engaging with you and your audience to discover new ways to enhance your brand.

And might just be surprised with what you learn…

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