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We help our clients enhance their offering by designing and producing every element of a stand out tender document. Well versed in manufacturing short run, hand-finished, feature-laden, bespoke document packs, we’ve played a small but integral part in brands both big and small, winning over £75m in new business over the past three years.

BUSINESS FIRST Tender design

Tender documents are large, often complex items which require input from many different departments, and which have an immovable deadline. Timing and flexibility is everything. Bigkid provide all the tools required to meet your needs effectively and, above all, quickly… because we understand that in almost every instance, the process goes right to the wire.


We’ll work with you in understanding exactly on which software you’ll be preparing your tender documents. Then we design and create our master template documents in advance, with a grid system that’s flexible enough to enable all your live content (text, imagery, tables, graphs, spreadsheets and infographics) to be dropped in and styled easily and quickly.


The final production item may be digitally printed and bound in one go on completion, but it may also involve pre-printing a number of high impact and special finishing elements that will help your tender stand out from the competition.

Being part of a wider print management company means that we’re able to produce high quality print at unbeatable prices.

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If you really need to go the extra mile, the best way to present a beautifully crafted and bound tender document is in a bespoke, hand-built box or slip case. Working closely with our parent company Cubiquity Media, we produce printed, foiled, embossed and hand-wrapped unique boxes and slipcases with drawers, doors and insert trays. We can transform your final presentation piece from special to truly spectacular.

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