ordinary People, extraordinary lives


A Social Media awareness campaign celebrating how the lives of ordinary diabetes patients are truly extraordinary in every way.

Going Beyond Brand

When Bigkid approached Medtronic with an idea to drive an awareness campaign across 11 countries and four social media channels, it had to transcend brand, language and product alike.

As a leading provider of pump therapy devices for Type 1 Diabetes patients to help them manage their very real fears around hypoglycaemia, Medtronic rightly had their marketing and brand concerns.

The Human touch

We wanted to connect with the online diabetes community on a personal level by fostering a feeling of inclusion and community.

Hypoglycaemia and its associated conditions has the potential to impact significantly on people’s everyday life and the fact that they do not let this hold them back is in itself heroic and forms the basis for the campaign.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the support, hard work, dedication and creative genius that you and the team have delivered with the #HYPOHEROES campaign...You are truly an excellent agency that always delivers.

Andrew NicholsonSenior Product Manager IIMMedtronic Diabetes, EMEA


Entitled #HYPOHEROES, the team at Bigkid conceived and executed the entire campaign in partnership with the Medtronic marketing team launched on World Diabetes Day. #HYPOHEROES was centred around an information hub, with content promoted through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The campaign harnessed video, digital content and social media know-how to educate, empower and inspire people with diabetes to learn more about the impact of Hypoglycaemia and how it can be better managed during everyday situations.

Visit the #Hypoheroes hub

Heroic Social media awareness

Owning the conversation around key T1D topics such as food and alcohol, fitness, driving, children and sleep has made a significant, positive impact on awareness of the Medtronic brand.

Highlights include a unique suite of CEROS digital infographics, the ‘Ordinary people, extraordinary lives’ video and our avatar generator for patients to share their very own #HYPOHERO across social media and other channels.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your outstanding work, support and flexibility on the amazing #HYPOHEROES campaign. We are extremely happy and proud of the campaign and so far, we have seen very positive results.

Fabienne DuratMarketing Manager, IIMMedtronic Diabetes EMEA
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