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New Homes Brand Refresh

Octagon Developments build exceptional residential homes in prime locations across Surrey and the Home Counties. Before we began our brand refresh, our first job was to spend time with the client, to get under the bonnet of the business, the customer journey and most importantly, the audience.

Beautifully presented

Creating the right impression at every touchpoint of customer collateral is essential to Octagon’s joined up marketing and communications strategy. In every communication, the home is quite rightly the hero. The branding, by contrast, always understated, allowing the exquisite interiors to shine. A good set of guidelines won’t take over a marketing narrative. Instead it will provide creative space to breathe, act as the glue that binds a myriad elements together, and connect a brand with its chosen audience.

Perfectly planned

Contrary to some views, Bigkid doesn’t believe there’s a ‘formula’ to creating a new home or development scheme brand. Every developer is unique and therefore has different needs; from how they present their brand story, customer journey and floor plans, to the interior styling, design accents and location lifestyles they feel best speaks to their customers. So we plan our creative just like Octagon manage their builds –  meticulously, and precisely to specification.

Well informed

Within the design structure, the bespoke elements for each new home, location and lifestyle attributes are carefully considered right down to the last detail. Always in keeping with the aspirational lives of the traditional and upwardly mobile clientele they serve, the new Octagon brochure content is informing, engaging and a valuable coffee table companion.

Expertly Finished

We work hard at making the very best of all the visual assets our clients share with us. Octagon, for example, engage highly respected, expert homes photographers to shoot their outstanding specifications and bespoke furniture schemes. But even the most beautifully dressed rooms need those expert finishing touches, so we painstakingly touch out any tiny imperfections and unwanted reflections, then balance neutrals and remove colour caste for a flawless, natural look and feel.

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