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When Thumbs UpProductions (the production company responsible for Britains Next Top Model) approached Bigkid, they had a successful show, but their online presence was totally fragmented.

Setting the scene for a better site

The existing websites structure wasn’t considered. There was no navigation so usability was downright poor. Being an important sponsorship tool, and hub for fans to access content that needed to change, fast.

Likewise, the social media presence for BNTM was fragmented into individual series’ which meant Thumbs up were starting from scratch with their social following every year!

A new angle

Following a thorough scoping session, we developed recommendations on content, timings, and designed a set of social media guidelines. With our trusted partners Reload Digital, we’d ensured the social accounts were consolidated and the relevant tone of voice was used.

The website introduced a new ‘exclusive access’ area, that linked engaging content from each episode into a filterable hub that users could browse. The website was built with SEO in mind at each stage, and a ‘migration strategy’ was adopted to avoid any loss in rankings upon launch.

Visit the website

The results

Looking back and comparing key stats to those of the previous year, frankly, speak for themselves!

The new website was faster, more engaging and encouraged more new visitors. And possibly most importantly it means the site is even more attractive for prospective sponsors moving forward.

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