Follow your Heart

Product Awareness Campaign

Medtronic, a global medical devices manufacturer was launching it’s revolutionary technology that allows patients to view the data from their pacemaker, securely, on their smartphone. To launch the product, they approached Bigkid to produce an awareness campaign.

This sophisticated kit also alerts a patients’ healthcare professional if anything unexpected happens, meaning patients feel more informed about their heart health. We of course started by reviewing all of the research on Heart Failure patients, and Medtronic’s audience demographics. Five clear personas quickly emerged.

We utilised all of the information at our disposal, and worked with the Heart Failure marketing team to devise the campaign concept; ‘Follow your Heart’. It was emotive, and easily resonated with all five of the personas we were targeting.

Once the campaign theme was refined and approved, Bigkid got to work on creating English and Dutch assets with the final campaign including; a master video, static and animated ad assets, a new landing page with relevant downloads and more.

Running for two months, the campaign was a resounding success, with a reach of over 5.3 million (35% above target), engagement levels of 11% overall, and an average click through rate of 4.49%. The new landing page saw traffic of over 40K users (30% above target). For a click spend of only £5,600 that’s a result the entire team can be proud of.

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