A world of change

Airport in-Store Digital Transformation

The objective: To inform and engage passing trade with more relevant products and offers in order to increase footfall and conversion at Travelex on-airport stores.


Our Approach

Our plan was to re-imagine the way the business interacts with its customers and work with them in turning catch-all communications into concise, targeted and relevant messages across the new interactive stores.

What we did

We created a suite of animated digital POS and branded content screens and applied them to an internally controlled CMS platform. The solution was flexible enough to greet both an incoming flight from Dubai with culturally appropriate messages in Arabic, and an outgoing through-flight from Paris to New York with Dollar deals in French and English.

The Results

Launched as part of the future vision at Heathrow T2, and supported by a suite of in-store interactive touchscreen tools and off-airport drive-to-store campaigns, the new digitally integrated Travelex vision was an instant hit for customers and stakeholders alike.

Timed, relevant, engaging communications? Certainly.

Commercially successful? Absolutely.

The Bigkid team have always been a pleasure to work with and continuously go above and beyond. They have a collaborative style and we’ve benefited from their regular planning workshops. As well as being our primary agency for retail marketing campaigns, they have evolved their approach to support our digital store programme with original, engaging content.

Alexandra YanezHead of Brand and Customer MarketingTravelex Global
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