Preserving History

Stories that deserve to be heard

As the world’s leading museum of war and conflict, and founded while the First World War was still raging, the five individual sites of the Imperial War Museums give voice to the stories and extraordinary experiences of ordinary people forced to live their lives in a world torn apart by conflict.

IWM is unique in that it doesn’t map the history of war through the lens of time. Instead, the museums collect and curate the objects and stories that provide a personal and powerful insight into people’s experiences of war.

Working alongside IWM was going to be more compelling than creating a narrative for a campaign. It was about our helping to preserve history itself.

The core objective of the campaign was to help IWM bring in new members and followers of all ages and backgrounds.

We all  ‘make history’ every day, and each of the five members we interviewed and photographed has an interest in stories of conflict that form part of their own personal history.

We created a unique set of portraits to reflect their interests, which ranged from the changing role of women in war to the significant contribution of the Windrush generation in WWII.

Our unifying idea of, “help tell the stories that deserve to be heard” holds the core purpose of the museum close to its heart. It is direct, emotive and personal – an opportunity to give voice to those silenced by political, religious or other forms of oppression – and it is universal too, allowing us to easily adapt the creative across print, digital, social and video, to meet a wide range of marketing needs.

Immersive, omni-channel campaigns are just one facet of Bigkid’s integrated creative offering. If you’ve got a marketing question to answer, or a unique story to tell, give it the attention it deserves by getting in touch with Bigkid.

Find out more about IWM, their exhibits, archives, events, and how to become a member here.

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