Posted January 12, 2022


Since the dawn of the internet, eminent scholars, brand gurus and digital entrepreneurs have heralded the death of print. But print is not dead. Far from it in fact.

Print acts as a complementary component of a wider omni-channel campaign or brand experience. It performs an essential, sometimes critical role for our public services and charities, and it takes centre stage when representing a brand’s physical presence.

More importantly, print also holds the key to something much more significant, powerful and personal. It physically connects us with our memories and our most important life moments – something that digital can never do.



Print is valuable where there is a physical customer presence.

Where you come into direct contact with your customers, such as at retail stores or events, or for multi-generational audiences such as those of our public services, charities and the arts, print plays a vital communications role.

It’s a must have for luxury consumers.

For a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, where the ultimate personal service and brand experience is everything, digital simply doesn’t cut it, and print is the perfect medium to fill the void.

It plays an integral role in seamless omni-channel brand and campaign experiences.

With people becoming more and more blind to the ubiquity of digitally served content, print does more than complement an omni-channel experience or drive prospects to a website. It offers a genuine alternative to connect you with your audience – strictly on their terms.

Print allow brands to rise above the digital racket.

If you’re trying to target a C-level audience, you can forget email, but take your e-book, convert it as a beautiful printed brochure and mail it to the exec’s office, and it might just get to their desk and leave a lasting impression.



As we increase our reliance on the digital world, our physical, revisitable, and memorable touchpoints are becoming fewer and fewer. We store our music, photos, e-books and invitations online. In our daily lives, QR codes, e-tickets, and online libraries are replacing our concert tickets, photographs, books and tangible album artwork.

But our emotional connection with digital is simply not the same as that of the physical.

The Japanese call it Natsukashii and it can best be described as the feeling you get when something evokes a fond memory from your past. For instance, when you hear a song you loved as a teenager, or when you come across an old train ticket stub in your pocket. It’s why we’ve got a vinyl revival and the cassette comeback is THE thing for music heads in 2021. It’s one of the reasons we continue to buy printed books, vintage clothes and furniture, and even download camcorder apps that replicate VHS videos of old.

We have an innate desire to constantly revisit and reconnect with our own past experiences, or those of our closest friends and family. It’s how we self-identify and it acts as both a window to our past and an influencer on our future thinking. Print is a more trusted medium that digital, and it has greater power to persuade, so much so that it can even help stimulate memories for those suffering with dementia.

Why? Because it physically engages our basic senses. We see and smell it. We hear the sound of turning pages and opening envelopes. And we explore it through touch, a sense that is so primal that it develops even before we are born.

Do we ever pause to reflect on the incredible, latent power of print? Perhaps not as often as we should.

In a world driven by digital first, it’s the good impressions that last. So next time you need to think different, take a step back from digital and think print. You might just be surprised by the outcome.


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