Posted May 15, 2019

Meet Dan: Creative Director at Bigkid


Dan has been Bigkid’s Creative Director since 2015. His experience is broad and deep which is why he brings so much to both to the company and to their clients. Dan, let me ask you some questions;

What Do You Bring to This Business?

Great question. We believe that successful marketing is about linking our clients’ unique features and benefits to their chosen market. Their audience should feel in harmony with the brand. We create integrated campaigns that use the right mix of online and offline media to build and keep a strong relationship between what our clients offer and what their market wants and needs. That’s what I mean by “harmony.”

I have been in creative design since 2001. I have managed projects, acted as a consultant to many household name companies, and I was a director of creative design in another leading company before I joined Bigkid. So what I believe I bring to this business is almost two decades of plans, Ideas, projects, and successes that deliver real, specific and measurable results for each client.

Impressive. So What’s in it for You?

Knowing that I and our team are applying our creative skills and techno-savvy to deliver what we promise. I’m not going into Hertzberg’s or Maslow’s psychology of satisfaction, but there really is nothing like a client shaking your hand and telling you they are going to work with us on their next project because of the results we achieved for them on the current one.

How Does Bigkid Approach New projects?

We research. We learn about them, we understand them, we get a clear and detailed feel for them, who they are, who their ideal customers are, how those prospects and customers see, think, feel, etc. so we can communicate with them to bring them to where our client wants them to be. And we keep reviewing and testing. It is too easy to rely on a “been there done that” approach. Past successes give us a starting point or some planks in the platform we will build but relying on a past success is no guarantee of future success. Technology, communication patterns, and people’s preferences are constantly moving forward. We must learn and anticipate so our campaigns are ahead of the pack, so to speak.

That Sounds Very Complex

It is, but so is the jet engine and the space station, to use a couple of analogies. Even though they are complicated things, they were designed to suit very specific purposes, and to work in their own unique environments. That said, they are still made of metals and plastics and use well-proven technologies to deliver on their purpose. Sir Frank Whittle didn’t build a jet engine and then wonder what to do with it. He knew the overall goal, the engine’s purpose, the environment in which it would be used, and the stresses that would act on it, then he went from there. That is sort of what we do – one step at a time to create the project that will deliver the results in the market it has been designed for.

What Does the Future look Like?

We’re working on some really big integrated campaigns. We are partnering with other agencies our clients want us to work with, and we are bringing in some specialist providers, so our future looks very collaborative. We all learn from each other, and together we deliver even better results for our clients.

What’s Your Own Favourite Brand?

Wow! I wasn’t expecting that one, so I will say it is Paul Smith. Sir Paul is a Royal clothes designer. It isn’t just about quality materials or the cut or the design with Sir Paul, it is so much more than that. His clothing is an extension of himself. It speaks of confidence and classical style – but with a clever and quintessentially British flavour. Everyone wears clothes, but Sir Paul added himself to the equation, and changed clothing for the better.

What is your Favourite Quote?

I have two. “Measure twice and cut once.” When you are, in effect, spending your client’s money, you make doubly sure you’ve got it right. And my other favourite quote is one I learned from an Olympic coach. Success isn’t just about working hard and paying attention to detail, it’s much more than that, so my other quote is this: “It’s not just your head that’s in the game, your heart and your guts are in there, too.”

Thank you, Dan. If anyone has more questions they would like to ask, please just send it in or give us a call.

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