Posted December 12, 2017

4 Reasons no one is “liking” your business facebook posts


Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a hot topic in Digital Marketing over the past years. Understandably so, given the drastic influence it can have on conversions (whatever that might look like to your business online). Long gone are the days that we simply hand over the social voice of our brand to the intern to manage.

Facebook is without doubt, head and shoulders above other social platforms, but what happens when your Facebook page is falling behind the curve, and why is that happening.. we’ve got 4 handy tips to get you back on your Facebook horse again, galloping off into the sunset.

1. You’re not posting consistently

This is a big faux-pas (on any social channel!) on Facebook in particular. The new algorithms prioritise (and give more ‘page authority’) to pages that have regular updates.

If you ever find yourself with an uneven balance of content (i.e. you’ve 2 or more posts in one day, but none the next), you should consider a tool like Buffer or Hootuite to schedule posts for you.

Using 3rd Party software means you only need to dedicate 30-40 minutes a week to scheduling releases for your content ahead of time.

2. They don’t know your profile exists..

When you’re starting out on social media, it’s rare that people will just stumble on your social feeds – so it’s important to raise awareness on them via your website (for example, why not try a social media ‘mash-up’ that draws all your social content to one place), via email mail-shots or any other touchpoint you can!

3. You’re not posting rich media

We all know that photos, videos, GIF’s and livestreams are more engaging, yet several SMM’s are still posting text based updates only!

You need to invest time in making your posts visually appealing to catch the attention of users, who these days, have much shorter attention spans due to the over-saturation of marketing these days (though, that’s another article in itself!).

4. Nobody liked your content so nobody “likes” your content

Having a history of content that’s un-engaging has a negative effect on your new content. That’s because Facebook prioritises content it thinks your followers will enjoy most, if users haven’t previously shown interest in your content, your new content will appear lower and lower down in the news feeds. Then you’ll likely find you get less ‘likes’ on your new content you post and so on..

There might be an obvious reason for that (your content might be boring!) but if you’re trying to re-vamp an existing facebook page, it might be worth considering promoted posts to get the ball rolling again. Also, when planning your social content strategy, make sure you’re following the ‘4-1-1’ rule. The 4-1-1 rule is the golden ratio of the types of content you can publish:

  • Four posts that are informative/interesting/engaging in some way. That could come in the form of an infographic, blog article, video, livestream etc
  • One piece should be soft-sell content (look-books, incentives, competitions etc)
  • Finally up to one post should then be hard-sell content (if any at all) such as upcoming promotions or outright advertisements


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