Graphic Design vs. Fashion

Posted on April 28, 2016

“The principles of graphic design carry over to fashion as well.”

When it comes to trends no other sector in graphic design is more dominant, influential or closely followed than fashion. From what’s trending in typography to the hottest new colour, the fashion world sets the stage for the wider design community in many ways.

With resources abound, graphic designers are subconsciously influenced by the fashion all around them. Designers are no longer restricted to one particular discipline, allowing inspiration to adopt the blend of art and design.

This relationship has always been an attractive one, giving graphic designers the room to dream bigger, strengthening the passion behind this relationship. In particular one designer has caught our eye here at Bigkid, because of her digital textures is and bold prints is Becka Saville.



YSLThis influential relationship also lies historically behind some of the most famous fashion brands, one of which being YSL.

The iconic, YSL logo was designed in 1963 by famous artist, poster designer, and typographer A.M Cassandre while Saint Laurent himself was still at the head of the fashion house. Cassandre’s influences from Cubism to Surrealism, as well as his interests in typefaces, informed his design that present-day graphic designers are still inspired by.

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